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The camera is a vital item in the Faith chapter 3 demo.

Once the player has given up their crucifix by sending it down the dumbwaiter, they will be forced to take the elevator to the fourth floor regardless of what button they press. Once on the fourth floor, the player will find the camera sitting on the ground. Once the player walks on it, John will say to himself "Huh. It's a camera.". After saying this, the power of the building promptly goes out and only John's sprite will be visible onscreen.


The camera replaces the crucifix's action button. Pressing said button will make John take a picture, having the camera's flash show the player John's surroundings for a moment. There is no limit to how many pictures can be taken, but certain unique events may follow.


  • In some rooms if the player takes a picture, there is a chance that a cultist may spawn and run at the player. Though it is yet to be determined if the cultists can harm the player at all, it seems that they cannot kill John as long as the flash dies out before they reach him.
  • Sometimes John will suddenly start to bleed after taking a picture. This has no effect on his health whatsoever. If this event happens, it will not wear off until the player enters a new screen.
  • There is a small chance of the player being transported into an empty void with the same cult-like circle-cross that was in the Martin's basement. Though it is yet to be determined, it seems that the player can escape from this room by simply taking more pictures until they are transported back to the room that they were last in.
  • In a certain area of the game, John is guaranteed to die if the player takes a picture while he is standing in front of the three Entombed Cultists.
  • There is a small chance upon taking a picture that Malphas will appear as a rotoscoped image and take up the whole screen. Once the flash fades, the game resumes and will play a short and creepy musical stinger ripped straight from the FAItH: Chapter II BGM, "Sanctum". It is possible for this event to occur multiple times.

  • If the player activates the power outage event and doesn't move for a long period of time (around 10-20 minutes) a creepy, realistic, non-bit-crushed BGM will begin to play and fade. This "music" seems to depict a very low voiced choir droning on, their voices getting lower and lower until they can no longer be heard.