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The crucifix (referred to as the Latin "crux" in game)(alternatively known as a cross) is a representation of Jesus crucified on the cross, a principal symbol in Christianity. In the FAITH series, it is John Ward's most powerful "weapon". Pressing the action button will cause John to lift the cross in his facing direction. This action can be used to ward off demonic entities and spirits that attack John throughout the game series. Father Garcia also briefly uses a crucifix in the prologue of Faith: Chapter II .

In Gameplay


  • John's crucifix was originally golden in the first chapter of FAITH, however in the demo of the second game (Faith: Chapter II Demo), as well as the second game proper, the cross took a silver or white color instead. During the demo of Faith: Chapter III, the cross took on a brownish bronze or copper color. The reason or symbolism behind these changes are as of yet unknown.
  • Several crucifixes can be found hanging on a wall in the back of the Snake Meadow Hill Church. As john approaches them, one falls ominously off the wall, followed soon by the rest of them.