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Cultists are antagonists in FAITH.

They are low-ranking followers of Gary and will stab John Ward to death upon contact and will try to kill him in the candy tunnel, during the fight against Miriam Bell, and in Gary's apartment. They are sometimes seen with thralls. In the Candy Tunnels, a cultist will kill John if he enters the Snake Meadow Hill Church Crypt's entrance before he obtains the light. Once he obtains the light, they will flee. In the Faith chapter 2 demo, one appears in the church and will ambush John from a pile of rubble. In the Miriam Bell boss fight, they will enter through several doors to attempt to kill John Ward and Father Garcia. They will simply run at the two and are repelled by the crucifix. In Gary's apartment, they will occasionally scurry around when the camera flashes. They are humans armed with scissor-like blades and they are members of the lowest class in the cult's hierarchy. 


  • "He is here"
  • ”I will bless you, child”
  • "Chaos reigns!"
  • "I know what you've done." (chapter 2 demo)
  • "Where's the child?" (chapter 2 demo)
  • "Where's the priest?" (chapter 2 demo)
  • "I had no choice." (chapter 2 demo)