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A (mostly) docile creature, deer (Odocoileus virginianus) featured in FAITH and FAITH: Chapter II. They are found commonly roaming the woods of Connecticut.


Deer during "The Hunter" ending.

John Ward will often encounter deer while walking in the woods surrounding the Martin Family Home. Michael Davies has been preying on the deer as a source of food, leaving many mutilated deer corpses around the woods.

"The Hunter" Ending

Should the player fire their lone bullet into the deer, they will trigger "The Hunter" ending. When John Ward gets in his car and departs, triggering the ending sequence, a deer will be present in the middle of the road and will cause him to crash his car. John is flung from the car, and desperately tries to reach for his cross. Several deer are now surrounding him, and a buck on the right charges at John, killing him.



  • The game refers to the sprite of the buck that kills John in "The Hunter" ending as "spr_demonDeer".