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The Elevator Demon is a secret monster that appears in the FAItH: Chapter III Demo. It has a very bloody and fleshy appearance with a large white smile and one empty left eye socket. It can first be found by repeatedly choosing to go to Floor 7 in the elevator over and over in a quick succession. Once the player has encountered the Elevator Demon this way, there will now be a roughly 16.2% chance upon entering most halls and some rooms that the Elevator Demon will appear. (during testing, it appeared 81 out of 500 times.) Approaching it or using John's crucifix will make it glitch and distort out of existence. There seems to be no way for the player to be killed by the Elevator Demon.

A certain sprite on the FAItH: Chapter III's sprite sheet looks very similar to the "Elevator Demon", possibly meaning that it will be present in the final game.

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