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The Elevator Demon is a secret monster that appears in the FAItH: Chapter III Demo. It has a very bloody and fleshy appearance with a large white smile and one empty left eye socket.

It is first encountered by repeatedly choosing to go to Floor 7 in the elevator. After enough attempts, regardless of the speed or frequency, It will suddenly appear for a few frames, but disappear once the screen stops blinking.

Once the player has encountered the Elevator Demon this way, there will now be a 15% chance upon entering most halls and some rooms that the Elevator Demon will be standing somewhere in the room/hall. Approaching it or using John's crucifix will make it blink and crackle out of existence. There currently seems to be no way for the player to be killed by the Elevator Demon, nor any way for the player to kill the elevator demon.


  • A certain sprite on the FAItH: Chapter III's sprite sheet looks very similar to the "Elevator Demon". He also appears in the FAItH: Chapter III teaser trailer, most likely meaning he will definitely make an appearance in the full game.
  • In the trailer, there is a part mentioning "MORE MORTIS" followed by showing a handful of death scenes which includes a clip of the elevator demon standing in the elevator like it would if it were summoned through 7th floor button spam, meaning it could be speculated that the elevator demon may be able to kill John in the full game.
  • Though the image's origin is yet to be sourced (seen below), it seems that Timmy, a child that lives in the apartment building, has seen the elevator demon before as shown in one of his drawings, going so far as to claim it as his "friend". The paper depicts a crudely drawn portrait of the thing smiling with what seems to be elevator buttons in the background with the text "elivatr friend" written up top, along with Timmy's signature placed in the bottom right corner.

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