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A common household flashlight. Makes for a powerful tool against demons, as it so happens.

FAITH: Deluxe Edition

One of the new features for FAITH: Deluxe Edition is the flashlight mode, which plunges the entire map into darkness. This requires John Ward having to use the flashlight to see not only where he is going but whatever may attack him. The purpose is to add a much more difficult experience to FAITH.

FAITH: Chapter II Demo

The flashlight makes an appearance at the very end of the demo, requiring John Ward to use it in his fight with the Basement Demon in the Snake Meadow Hill Church basement.

FAITH: Chapter II

Once again the flashlight returns, except it is used substantially more in Chapter II. Once again, John must use the flashlight to find and ward off a demon in a dark portion of the Candy Tunnels. Then John must use the flashlight to keep Thralls at bay while he attempts to exorcise a mysterious portrait.