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Gary is a mysterious character and antagonist in the FAITH games.


Gary was a worker at the clinic Amy Martin volunteered her time at. Along with many of the other workers, she befriended Gary.

The player encounters what little information there is surrounding Gary should they obtain "The Offering" ending of the game. They will then receive a letter from Gary, intended for Amy Martin, in where he expresses regret that Amy's parents have been against Amy continuing her work with the clinic she previously volunteered much of her time at. He urges her to continue working there and being a part of the team, noting she is practically an adult and capable of making her own decisions. Gary then invites her to a get together they are having later at the clinic on an undated Saturday night.

Based on the red lettering, ominous suggestion of the invitation, and the sinister nature of the ending in order to obtain this letter, it is presumed (though not confirmed) Gary may be part of a cult related to the Devil. This was found to be somewhat true as he and his cult worships the demon Malphas

In the Faith Chapter 3 demo, it is revealed that the apartment building that the demo takes place in is owned by Gary. In certain notes, Gary leaves warnings to the residents (implying the building houses a substantial number of cultists to Thralls to the UNSPEAKABLE) of the demons that would take residence in the building. He also notes that some demons that have made their stay in the building are done without his knowledge prior to the demo, further implying these beings were brought about by fellow cult member Tiffany.


  • "Hello John, it is nice to finally meet you."


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    The theme that plays during the ending where John's car is stopped by the cult in Chapter 1 is named 'Gary', further hinting to his role as part of the cult.
  • Gary's name is brought up numerous times in Chapter 2, in letters that are found lying around in various parts of the cemetery being the most notable mention of his name.
  • Gary's ownership of the apartment building in the Chapter 3 demo is implied via a certain note reading that the cultists must remember that rent and utilities are due at a certain time of the month.
  • Fellow cultist Tiffany is implied to vie for his affection, detailing Gary as "My Beloved" and mentions wanting to surpass "Amy" in context of her demonic possession. Whether such feelings are reciprocated, or merely a formality towards Gary's position (i.e "Gary Loves you") is yet to be seen.