Joe Baumann, also known as the "Candy Store Killer," was a notorious serial killer that plagued the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island.

FAITH: Chapter II

What information there is surrounding Joe Baumann can be found via notes in the sewer tunnel system the "Candy Tunnels." The tunnels, which housed drug-addicts, vagrants, gangs, runaways, and the indigent of society, became an optimal location for Baumann's slayings earning him the nickname "Candy Store Killer." Notes in the system detail that Connecticut police in the area discovered several grisly murders within the system possibly linked to Baumann. At a later unknown date, police raided the tunnels and discovered Baumann. A shootout followed shortly after, in where Baumann successfully killed one officer and wounded numerous others. However, Baumann himself was badly injured and likely perished as a result. Police believed that in the course of a year, Baumann killed individuals from Connecticut and Rhode Island.

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