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John Thomas Ward is the protagonist of the Faith series, and (supposedly) a priest from Palmyra, New York. In FAITH, he must return to a certain house in Sterling, Connecticut to complete the exorcism of a possessed girl.



On September 21, 1986, John Thomas Ward accompanied Father Allred to The Martin House prior to the events of the game, attempting to exorcise Amy Martin. This went poorly, resulting in the death of Amy's parents and Father Allred, while John fled.

The botched exorcism leaves John shaken psychologically and he was admitted to Yale Psychiatric (ironically the very same facility Amy Martin was put in) on November 30, 1986. There he was put under Dr. Spinel's care and was diagnosed with delusion. A month later on December 30, 1986, John felt his treatment had run its course and requested to be released.

On September 21, 1987, exactly one year after the failed exorcism, John decides to return to The Martins' house to finish what he started, despite his action having "not been approved by the Vatican." Before leaving, John sent a letter to his wife telling her his version of the story, claiming that what was reported to the public is not true and that Amy was indeed possessed.


Throughout the events of Faith and Faith: Chapter II, it is unclear whether what John witnesses are real or if they are hallucinations he is suffering from, which would suggest that Amy was a normal girl "driven to violence by her dogmatic parents and old church rituals."

John frequently states that he is haunted by nightmares and visions. Much of his experiences seem surreal and impossible; exorcising demons, battling against inhuman creatures, seemingly burning alive before becoming a monster, etc. There are also notes from a psychiatric hospital disputing John's relation to the church, as well as his entire view of reality. Furthermore, in one of the available endings, there is a newspaper article explaining how Rome authorities outright confirmed John was never a member of the clergy.

Against this, John claims demonic possession does exist, and that he is being used as a scapegoat by the church to pin the deaths of the failed original exorcism on him.

It should be noted that all documents regarding John's supposed mental illness or illnesses can only be found after the endings, or in one case, after a secret boss battle.

Documents regarding John

Journal - Found in front of the shed

The Martins' house lies about a hundred yards off of Snake Meadow Hill Road. There is almost no driveway. Trees jut out in the middle of a gravel path that is mostly covered in grass, It was difficult to find the house, especially since it was already dark when we arrived.

Father Allred seemed to know where he was going. He simply drove straight ahead until we arrived at the house.

In the headlights I saw an old shed off to the right of the path. Father Allred explained that he would rather perform the exorcism away from the house, but the Martins had insisted that Amy remain inside. He complained that having the family present makes it difficult to proceed with elements of the rite that may seem harsh to the lay person.

Journal - Martins' house living room

Mr. and Mrs. Martin greeted us at the front porch. Mr. Martin led us downstairs to the basement, explaining that Amy was down there in restraints. I felt for him. There was guilt and shame in his voice.

Amy was in the very back of the attic in a chair, perfectly calm, staring at us. It is hard to describe the look on her face. It was not the kind of look a child gives you.


I guess I was the only one who thought to check in the attic. When I got up there, it was freezing cold. I found Amy standing in the back, looking straight at me like when I first met her downstairs.

We spoke briefly, although it was frustrating to talk to her (or it). I experienced a bit of deception from the demon. During our conversation she uttered my mother's first name and in other instances spoke perfect Latin. I called for help from the others. But nobody came. So I raised my crucifix and began the rite again.

Journal - Basement

Amy's parents could not endure witnessing the proceedings of the rite for long. Mrs. Martin was hysterical, and the thing that was inside Amy was feeding off of the fear.

Father Allred asked me to take the Martins upstairs. I was physically worn out but managed to get them back up the stairs into the kitchen. Amy was screaming "Mother! Mother!" the whole time. Finally I got them to sit down with me at the kitchen table.

After a few minutes, we couldn't hear much of anything down in the basement so I went down to check on things. I found Father Allred lying on his back, unconscious, with his arms spread out wide. Amy was not in the chair.

John's Letter to his wife - Stair to the attic


The Church might contact you in a few days to tell you their version of what happened to me. I want you to hear it from me first.

A year ago, I was involved in the exorcism of Amy Martin. What they said in the papers about what happened isn't true. She ███████ my superior, Father ██████, with ██████████. When I confronted her, she ██████████, managed to cut the power to the house, and ████████████████████████ her own parents, ███████-█████████ with their own ███████████. ███████████ I have to go back to that house. The nightmares I'm having are real. She's still there, waiting for me. I can still help her. If I don't come back, know that I love you and I'm sorry


John's Letter to Dr. McGlashan - From the secret fight

December 30 1986

Dear Dr. McGlashan,

It has been thirty days since the beginning of my treatment here at Yale Psychiatric Institute. Dr. Spinel, who has been so patient with me, has helped me understand my afflictions and has helped me fund a way to move forward and accept the truth.

With Dr. Spinel's help, I have come to accept what really happened in September at the Martin family residence. I accept that what happened was not the result of any supernatural phenomenon, but rather the desperate actions of a young girl driven to violence by her dogmatic parents and old church rituals that are thought to drive out evil.

I am happy to report that, since accepting the truth, my nightmares have ceased and I now enjoy peace of mind that I have not felt since the incident. Given my progress since first coming here, I respectfully request my release from Yale Psychiatric Institute, contingent upon follow-up appointments with Dr. Spinel in the future.


John Ward

Newspaper article - Ending 1: Murderer


A New York man is in custody after he confessed to the murder of a Sterling girl who has been missing.

John Ward of Palmyra was pulled over on Snake Meadow Hill Road last night after a state trooper reported hearing a gunshot. The officer thought it might be poachers.

The officer said Ward was acting "nervous and suspicious" after being pulled over. When questioned, Ward reportedly said "I've killed her". According to the police report, the officer called for backup after Ward became increasingly upset, saying repeatedly that there was "a demon inside her". Ward was taken to Sterling police headquarters for further questioning. Ward then confessed to authorities that he shot and killed Amy Martin, a seventeen -ear-old girl who had been missing for nine days after escaping from a mental institution.

After a brief search, police located Amy's body in the woods near the now abandoned Martin home. In addition to receiving a gunshot wound to the stomach, Amy showed injuries suggesting that she had been thrown out of the second-story window of the house. An officer who helped recover the body told reporters that Amy's face had been "mutilated in a very brutal manner". Ward was found dressed as a priest when he was pulled over. It is suspected that he impersonated a priest to gain his victim's trust after Catholic authorities in Rome confirmed that Ward was not an ordained minister.

(The rest of the article is missing)

Newspaper article - Ending 4: The Hunter


The site of a deadly car accident was discovered along a road near Sterling this morning, along with the body of a person who has not yet been identified. At 6:00 A.M. this morning, a resident called to report an accident along Snake Meadow Hill Road. The driver of a silver sedan had swerved off the road and struck a tree. A spokesman for the police commented that the body appeared to have been dragged several yards away from the car deeper into the woods after having been ejected from the front windshield. It was noted that the body had been "mangled beyond recognition". Investigator's suspect this was probably the work of coyotes. Police also noted that parts of a cleaned white-tailed deer were found in the trunk of the car.  From a white-tailed deer a hunter typically gets 75 pounds of meat. However, it appears the victim of the accident was only able to carry 25 pounds back to the car.

In FAITH: Chapter II
Newspaper clipping



The bodies of three young people were discovered in the woods outside of Sterling last night, in what authorities are calling a ritualistic murder.

Sandra Attwood, Angel Nogales, and Troy Ingles are the names of the unfortunate victims who were apparently stabbed multiple times and beheaded before being killed in a paganistic ritual. Pandemonium regnat. Two of the victims' bodies were also partially burned, although authorities would not specify who.

The bodies were found several miles from Gallup Cemetary, where residents reported a tomb had been desecrated. They also found trails of blood leading off into the woods. Investigators would not comment on whether or not these two incidents could be related.

The arrangement of the bodies in a ritualistic pattern as well as the writing of certain symbols in blood matches the style of several murders that have occurred in the Sterling area since 1986. The killings may be connected to last week's brutal slaying of Amy Martin, a 17 y-ar-old girl, by John Ward. Ward had impersonated a priest to gain Amy's trust before luring her into the woods and killing her.

Investigators are asking residents to report any suspicious activity to the police. Authorities are urging the people of Sterling to not mourn the loss of Attwood, Nogales, and Ingles because, after all, they were degenerate devil-worshipping thugs who were hooked on crack cocaine and hated their parents. Why even conduct an investigation at all? That's what you would like them to think, wouldn't you, John? They were just three pathetic outcasts who got what they deserved. You actually did the community a favor when you found them getting high in that tomb. You stalked them through the graves and killed them one by one. You ignored their cries for help, their pleas for mercy. You put holes in their ruined drug addict bodies and then you chopped off their heads because everybody knows that removing the head is the only way to kill a snake. Well guess what? YOU DIDN'T KILL THE SNAKE, JOHN. YOU CANNOT KILL WHAT CANNOT BE KILLED. THOU SHALT NOT RAISE UP WHAT THOU CANST NOT PUT DOWN AGAIN. THOU COULDST NOT KILL AMY; THOU SHALT NOT DESTROY MY WORKS FOR THEY ARE THE WORKS OF THE ETERNAL DRAGON. EVEN NOW SHE IS AT THY DOOR. HER HAND IS AT THY THROAT, YET YOU SEE HER NOT. I WILL HAVE THY SOUL FOR I AM THE G O D O F T H I S W O R L D



Karen's letter - John's bedroom


I can't do this anymore. I'm sorry.

I will always love you back.

Father Garcia's letter - Ending I: Go forth with faith


We don't have much time. The Profane Sabbath is almost upon us. If they find Nate and Jason, they will perform a ritual on them to call forth a demon of unspeakable power. The name of the demon is MALPHAS.

I am in the process of discovering their whereabouts. I will contact you again soon.

We must not let them do to the boys what they did to Amy!

Father Garcia
Father Garcia's letter - Ending II: Road to Redemption (letting Father Garcia attacked in the final battle)


It is not too late. Your soul can still be saved. All is not lost

Please wait for my next letter. For now I have many questions that need answering.

In the meantime, be careful. They are watching you.

Father Garcia
Yale Psychiatric Notes 1

Notes - new patient initial consultation

Subject: John Thomas Ward

Present: Dr. James Spinel, PhD, and two orderlies

Subject non-responsive for first half-hour, followed by fragmented 'exorcism' narrative

Subject unable to maintain consistency in story (for example stating that Amy was in the basement and then saying she was in the attic)

Subject insists incident was the result of demonic possession

Cannot declare subject of sound mind; will require several more sessions to fully understand subject's mental state. Will advise Martin Family attorneys.

Yale Psychiatric Notes 2

Subject is suffering from delusion. In John's mind, he plays the role of the hero sent by God to protect the innocent. In order to escape the consequences of his actions, he has created his own reality. In order for everything to make sense, he needs to believe in the evil spirits and paranormal occurrences. I recommend an in-vivo approach until we can get John to accept the truth.

And for the love of God, please have Ms. Martin transferred to another facility. Somehow, John knows that she is in here with him.

Release form


SUBJECT: John Thomas Ward
DOR: 31 Oct 1986

This form certifies that the subject is hereby released from my care after having completed their required counseling and treatment to my satisfaction, with confidence that they are ready to resume their normal daily activities as a mentally stable member of society.

Dr. James Spinel, PhD

Mild anxiety
Acute coulrophobia


  • "Abide with me, fast falls the eventide. The darkness deepens Lord, with me abide. When other helpers fail and comforts flee. Help of the helpless, lord, abide with-" (Sung by John in Faith chapter 1's trailer, he is cut off by Michael near the end who loudly shouts "SUFFER".)
  • "September 21, 1987. It's been one year since I first went inside that house. I have to finish what I started. ...What I am about to do has not been approved by the Vatican."
  • "She is here."
  • "I heard a door open upstairs!"
  • "My God! What has happened to you?" (speaking to the possessed Amy Martin)
  • "A gun with one bullet."
  • "I will say of the Lord: He is my refuge and my fortress. My God, in Him I will trust. I shall not be afraid of the terror in the night, nor the evil that walketh in darkness, because I have made the Lord my refuge. Because I have set my love upon Him, therefore will He deliver me. I shall call upon Him, and He will answer me. He will be with me in trouble. He will deliver me and honor me."
  • "I can't explain what happened at that house. I can only have faith that I did the right thing." (John normally ends his speech/prayer with this phrase.)
FAITH: Chapter II
  • "You wait 'till later. 'Till later tonight. You wait 'till later, 'till later. 'Till later tonight... 'Cause tonight..... always comes....." (Sung by John in FAITH: Chapter II's trailer. The lyrics belong to the song "Later Tonight" by the Pet Shop Boys)
  • "I'm not going in there." (When interacting with the door covered in crosses and the staircase in his house near the end of Chapter II)
  • "Pray for me, Father, for I have sinned."
  • "I tried to save a girl from evil, but my fear overcame me. I turned my back on the ministry... and broke my vows to God. A year later, the girl reached out to me again. But in the end, I couldn't save her. I left her to die. I'm sorry for these and my past sins." (John, at the confession booth, talking to an unknown entity)
  • "I survived the nightmare, but did I really do the right thing? I don't know what is real anymore. My faith is weak, and I feel a dark shadow looming over me. If I can save the boys, maybe I will find what I am looking for."
  • "My nightmares are getting worse. Ever since I left that house, I am haunted by visions of demons. I finished my work with Amy, but now the boys are in danger. This time, I must not fail. Malphas must be stopped. As the Profane Sabbath draws closer, the workers of darkness grow stronger. This will be my greatest test of faith yet. God have mercy on my soul."
FAITH: Chapter III
  • "Some kind of seal is blocking my way."
  • "I should check my other notes from Lisa"
  • "So be it."
  • "Huh, it's a camera."
  • "Lisa! Thank God you're alright!
  • "I got here as fast as I could"
  • "...Let's go, Lisa"
  • "Oh, no... Lisa. I'm so sorry..."


  • His voice was made with the '80s (text-to-speech) voice engine S.A.M. for Atari and Apple II computers.
  • In FAITH: Chapter II's cutscenes where John is shown with more detail, he vaguely looks like Father Damien Karras from the film The Exorcist (1973) which Faith seems to pull many inspirations from.
  • John is shown to have blue eyes during a cutscene in FAITH: Chapter II.
  • His crucifix appears yellow in FAITH but is white in Chapter II. On the page of the game, the developer has stated that there is a reason for this.
    • According to the TV Tropes page  of FAITH, one theory is that John's faith is slowly deteriorating. This is backed up with the fact his cross appears Golden in Chapter I, faded to Silver in Chapter II, and finally tarnished to copper in Chapter III (in the demo so far). Another supporting fact is he outright confirms his fading faith in ending 2 of Chapter II
  • While confessing his sins in the confession booth, John mentions how he regrets not being able to purge the demon possessing Amy Martin and hopes God will forgive him for his sins.
  • It is also mentioned that John has coulrophobia—the fear of clowns.


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