The house from the outside

The Martin House was the location of the failed exorcism of Amy Martin in 1986 in Sterling, CT right off of Snake Meadow Hill Road, and where Father Allred and Amy's parents were murdered as a result. In 1987 the house is rather dilapidated, with sections of the roof gone and almost every window boarded up. The house also has an adjoining storage shed which is in a similar state. The interior, however, has remained almost pristine, with the furnishings and personal belongings of the previous occupants being left undisturbed. The area where the exorcism was performed in the basement is plainly marked with symbols and candles, presumably by the local satanic cult.

Storage shed

It was in 1987 that John Ward returned to the house to finish what he had started with Allred. After a perilous hike to the house all the while being pursued by Michael Davies, Ward made it to the house. There, he waited until a possessed and disfigured Amy made her way to the house. After a confrontation which ultimately proved fruitless, Ward used a rifle found in the house to kill Amy and finally set her free.


Site of the first exorcism

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