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The Mirror Demon is a reoccurring demon in the Faith games.

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In Faith, the Mirror Demon can be fought after John Ward has defeated Amy Martin. After grabbing the gun and shooting the mirror 3 times, a red hand will grab John and take him to a new screen where it can be fought. Defeating the Mirror Demon will earn a note that once collected will take John back to the broken mirror.

In Faith Chapter II it can be fought by bringing a child found in the cornfield to the confessional. A gray hand will grab the child and John if he passes in front of the curtain. After defeating the demon a note will appear that once read will take John back to the confessional.


The Mirror Demon fight was added in v1.3

In Faith Chapter II defeating the Mirror Demon is required in order to get the initiation ending.


  • Screaming
  • Roaring


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