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The nose (or nasus in Latin) is a red, circular item that makes an appearance in both FAITH and FAITH: Chapter II. It closely resembles the red noses often worn by clowns.


If the player walks to the right from John Ward's car for several frames, they will spot a gray figure hiding behind one of the trees. So long as the character avoids the oncoming truck, the entity will yell (or possibly laugh) and run away when approached. It will drop the nose as it leaves. It offers no use throughout the game.

FAITH: Chapter II

After Michael Davies escapes from the basement of Father Garcia's home, if the player returns to Garcia's bedroom they will find that the closet door is open. If they enter and turn to the left, they will pick up the nose. Pressing pause will reveal it in the inventory below the crucifix . Much like in FAITH, it is a red circular item. It cannot be used for any purpose in the game and does not make an appearance again after the prologue.


  • The fact that the nose bears resemblance to a clown nose may have some connection with John Ward's fear of clowns.
  • It is unknown why Father Garcia possesses the item in FAITH: Chapter II.
  • In a recent stream, developer Airdorf confirmed that there is a purpose behind the gray entity dropping the nose in FAITH and that it will be revealed in the third installment of the game series.