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An unfortunate fox (Vulpes vulpes) that appears in FAITH, presumably used as part of an occult ritual.


John Ward will occasionally stumble across this deceased fox. Based on the formation around it and the blood strewn throughout the area, it is presumably being used for some ritualistic purpose.

"The Offering" Ending

If the player choose to shoot the fox corpse before returning to the car, they will trigger the game's third ending. As John Ward drives from the Martin Family Home, a group of individuals dressed in red robes will surround his vehicle and block the road. The player will receive a letter addressed toAmy Martin by a man named Gary, inviting Amy to a suspicious get-together.

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  • This is a reference to Lars von Trier's movie "Antichrist", where a fox (that rips off its own flesh) says the words "CHAOS REIGNS".
  • It is likely that the fox was mutilated by either Gary himself or a member of his affiliated cult.