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Snake Meadow Hill Road is a road in Sterling, CT, and the road in which the Martin House sits on along with the Snake Meadow Hill Church.

John Ward's parks his car on the side of the road in Faith Chapter 1, he drives down the same road in the same chapter during the driving/ending cut scenes in Chapter 1. Multiple things happen to John on this road depending on what ending route you are playing through.

Endings listed are:

  • John is suddenly ambushed by Michael Davies during the ending monologue and John is killed which in turn causes the car to veer off the road and crash.
  • John is pulled over by the police after he kills Amy Martin.
  • John is stopped by the cultists who have set up a fire barricade on the road in order to stop him.
  • John's car hits a deer, causing him to veer off the road and hit a tree.

Continuation of John driving in Chapter 2's demo:

  • John had been driven off the road by what is believed to be a cultist who drove him off the road and into a tree near the cornfield next to the Snake Meadow Hill Church.


  • The Martin House is listed as being on 1338 Snake Meadow Hill Rd. While Snake Meadow Hill is a real road in the real town of Sterling, there is no address listed with that number.
  • A truck sometimes speeds down this road and can kill John(and Michael during the ending where Michael is shot in Faith Chapter 1), and appears again in Chapter 2.
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