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The Spider Demon makes appearances in FAItH: Chapter II, along with its respective demo.

The Spider Demon is the demonic form of John Ward. After being ambushed by Amy and other cultists, a cutscene plays and shows John slowly melting and bleeding until he can no longer physically stand. Suddenly, the game will cut to gameplay and the player now takes control of the spider demon. The spider demon's movement speed is much faster than John's, and it also has the ability to kill humans via physical contact. Once the player finds and walks beneath the underpass next to the Candy Tunnel, the spider demon will become John again.

In the Demo, the player becomes the spider demon once the scripted event that occurs after setting the scarecrow on fire ends. The player then wanders until they find Miriam Bell, then the demo ends.


The spider demon was originally an unused enemy that was eventually remade into a different form of John Ward.

  • The player is required to kill the two people on the overpass in order to help secure the Initiation ending.
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