Sterling is a small town in eastern Connecticut, United States, and the location of the Martin House. In the late 80's, the population would have been a few hundred. It was the home of Amy Martin, and was possibly once the home of Michael Davies, who was possibly drawn there by Amy Martin. The town is one of the main settings of both FAITH and FAITH: Chapter II.

The town of Sterling, USA does in fact exist, but the events of the game is obviously fictious.


Martin House

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A house in the woods in which the Martin family used to live. It was presumably the site of a failed exorcism of the Martin family daughter, Amy Martin, conducted by John Ward. Amy, presumably possessed by a demon, presumably murdered her own parents by strangling them with intestines. One year later, John Ward returned to the house to attempt exorcising her once more, however Amy escaped. It is possible John Ward murdered Amy and that he, himself, is mentally disturbed and hallucinating all of the events of the game, which some of the endings of Chapter I hints at with a newspaper note claiming the Vatican in Rome does not recognize John Ward as a member of the clergy and that he murdered Amy.[1] This is also hinted at in Chapter II, in which another note appears claiming that he pretended to be a priest and killed Amy near the Martin house. However, John Ward himself claims to have been made a scapegoat by the Vatican to cover up the failed exorcism.[2]

Gallup Cemetery

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A real-life cemetery in Sterling, John Ward comes here to battle and exorcise three demons before entering the chapel descending into its depths and reemerging out of a shed in the surrounding woods.[2]


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